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    Data Transfer in PI Cloud Connect

    Paurav Joshi

      I have implemented Publisher - Subscriber in PI Cloud Connect. While Subscribing, I got my AF Template automatically implemented at Subscriber's AF database.
      Now, at publisher side all my element names and some other properties are coming from database tables, but at subscriber's end I am not getting any value  of element name and properties  . Correct me if I am missing some steps but what steps I followed are the same as specified in pdf named "PI Cloud Connect in Practice".


      How should I get values at my subscriber's end? I am self-subscribing right now.


      Also, when I am publishing from my AF datasource, I cannot chose multiple AF Elements, but I am able to select single AF Element only  . Is this correct behaviour or I missed something again?

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Paurav,


          Regarding the AF Attributes that are associated with AF tables and /or table lookup DR, PI Cloud Connect currently transfer the configuration strings but we don’t transfer the AF Tables (linked table would be ‘impossible’ to transfer and static table can easily be transfer via XML import/export). This might be the reason you don’t see all your data. Nevertheless, if you still have questions about this product, please send an e-mail to PICCpreview@osisoft.com. This is the right channel for you to get your answers about this specific product.