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    Configuring PI Web Api Service?




      What is configurable in PI Web Api?


      I would like to change the port; eg to port 81.




      I can see from the config that the CORS-parameter can be adjusted. Other things?




      and...: can PI Web Api be run under IIS as a Site or Application?

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          Hi Trond,


          The CORS support is the only configuration item I can think of that wasn't documented in the CTP.  The reason for that is that the CORS support we had as of our code drop date wasn't quite 100%, and was kind of clunky to configure, so we didn't want to advertise it.  We've made enhancements and done additional testing in that area since the CTP dropped in November.  CORS support will definitely be a documented part of our v1 release.


          For changing the port, that's actually documented in the CTP release notes as not possible.  We don't have any plans to change that in our v1 release.  I'm interested in knowing more about why you'd want to change the port, and whether you think that's something we should give more attention to?  PI Web API is capable of sharing a port with IIS.


          We do not currently have any plans to run PI Web API within IIS.



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              Hi Brad,


              We would also like to be able to change the port for PI WebAPI.  The reason is that we anticipate having some smaller installations, and want to minimize the number of machines we need to run.  With the WebAPI using the standard port, on one machine we can not run Coresight under SSL without changing the port.  Since people access Coresight while programs access PI WebAPI, it makes more sense to us to change the PI WebAPI port, for instance to 8433.


              - Keith

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                  Please count also my vote in. I wasn't aware about this situation (because I suggest that all ports can be configured as a minimum level of management - even AF Server can be shifted to another port from 5457/5459).

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                      Marcos Vainer Loeff

                      Hello all,


                      I have talked to the PI Web API developers and they said that it’s not officially recommended/supported changing the port used by PI Web API. Nevertheless, if you have an immediate need to do this with the released product please call with OSIsoft Technical Support. We’re evaluating this for official support in a future version.  Obviously the demand for the feature on vCampus plays a role in assigning priority to this work.