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Discussion created by larsoleruben on Mar 18, 2014
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Durring setup of our new PI-System, we have encountered a strange problem


I have two PI servers running in a collective. I have a single Interface, at the moment sending data to only one of the PI-Servers. The interface was origianlly setup using the PIADMIN user and everything worked ok.


In order to sharpen security to get production ready, we made a new PI-Identity for the userinterface. We have this Identity read and write rights on all the tags, and also on the every module in the module database.


Then we disabled the PIWorld user. After this the interface service could still send data to PI, but we could not load the interface in ICU anymore. If we enables PIWorld it worked again?


We also tried to add the Identity to the Modulesdatabase under security, but were denied, because we needed a windows principal?


How do i get my interface to use it's "own" identity and be able to disable PIWorld?








Any ideas?