Maximo Integration using PI Notification - Web Service Delivery Channel

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Hello vCampus, 


As the title says, I'm interfacing Maximo (an Enterprise Asset Management) using the PI Notification 2012 on AF Servers 2010 R2. The initial intent was to go straight forward with the Web Service Delivery Channel (WSDC) that would communicate the notification event over SOAP directly to a specific WSDL web method (Maximo Integration Framework has this COTS capability to expose tables such as meter readings or work orders). The problem is that Maximo web method have complex types and WSDC only support primitive or enumeration types (ref here, here, best one is here). I looked around but it seems that there is no way to get around this road block other than recreating a WSDC that can handle complex type, which would be time consuming.


Knowing that using Abacus (AF 2014) or custom DC cannot be considered, we find out two different solutions:


1. As shown by Gopal at vCampus2011, we could use the XML Delivery Channel to generate an XML file that contains the Notification Event data. This XML would undergo an XSL Transform to be formatted as desired by Maximo, and finally transferred to a Maximo XML input directory to be validated against a schema and parsed in the Enterprise Service.


2. The customer use BizTalk for many other interfaces to LOB systems, we could bring BizTalk in the initial architecture by having it expose a WSDL web method (primitives only) where PI Notification WSDC would publish the Notification Events. BizTalk would apply the XSLT and publish the resulting file to the Maximo WSDL web method.




- Which one is the preferred solution and why ?


- Is there a 3rd option you could think of ?






Alex @ M+W Automation