Copy data from old tags to new tags within the same PI Server 2012

Discussion created by Kapil.Rakh on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Steve Boyko

My client moved from one interface type to other and created new PI tags instead of using the same ones.


They plan to have a tag mapping between old (scanned off) and new tags (collecting data). The old tags were created in 2005.


Would it be recommended to copy the data from old PI tags to new PI tags or keep using two tags?


If yes, I need suggestions what approach you would take. I am considering following options.

  1. Use batch scripts to perform back filling using piconfig tool
  2. Create a utility program using PI SDK

I haven't yet considered PI UFL option.


Since PI Server is 2012, backfilling should work without reprocessing.


But this is a PI collective. So if I use piconfig, then it won't send the data to other member of the collective.  I will need to copy the archives from Primary to secondary. Am I right?