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    PI Web API Beta replaces CTP

      Dear PI Geeks,


      PI Web API Beta (version replaces PI Web API CTP at vCampus Download Center, category "Pre-Release". The Beta release brings significant enhancements over the CTP in its use of hypermedia and its ability to write time series data.

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          This is limited to windows 2012 server or windows 8 or higher? Will the release also be limited. I believe a majority of manufacturing folks don't always have the latest OS because of testing and validation. We are running windows 2008 R2. Will that be an option? I am interested in simple data retrieval such as http://piserver/pipoint. Are there any options for me? Data returned in json is preferable.

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              Hi Mike,


              Two reasons that we're really gung ho on the Windows Server 2012 as the platform:

              • We have planned future enhancements that depend on technologies that are only available on Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 or later.  So we'd like to avoid cases where customers install the brand new PI Web API, only to find out that there's no upgrade path, or that the upgrade path is stunted.
              • Every additional OS version that we support requires additional testing and validation by our development team. So there's a tradeoff here between the number of operating systems we can support and the speed with which we can add new features to the Web API.

              Given these considerations, we decided to test the waters with the beta to see the community response.  We've heard feedback from a number of customers and other teams within OSIsoft that support for Windows Server 2008 R2 is strongly desired.  I suspect that our final release will support Windows Server 2008 R2, but strongly recommend 2012 or later, so that customers have an easy upgrade path when those enhancements are released.