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I have a tag configurated on a PItoPI interface. This tag read data form another PI Server, with a scan class of 10 mins. We want to set up the acquisition of tag (of Interface pheraps?)in order to make that tag change her value only when the value of source tag change, and not with a scan class


For ex.


Tag xxxxxx on interface PItoPI1 with tag yyyyyy in instrumenttag, scan class 10 min


Tag yyyyyy on another PIServer, scan class 10 min.


If I change scan class of yyyyyy (ex 1 h), i have to change the scan class for tag xxxxxx (1 h); but if xxxxxxx change her value indipendently to scan class, i.e. change only when yyyyy change, I can replace scan class for tag yyyyyy without side effect for tag xxxxxxx.


How implement this behavior?


Regards and thanks for assistance Marco