Digital tags - Value & Status

Discussion created by marco.zoccoli on Mar 28, 2014
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Hi all,

I have a Digital tag, associate to a Digital status (ex. WHITEBLACK, where 1=WHITE and 2=BLACK). If I search this tag on "ArchiveValue" or "CurrentValue" or by "DataLink" I can read the value (WHITE or BLACK).


I'm thinking to use 1 tag [AAAAAAA] no Digital, where i can put my logic (this tag can assume for example only  0&255), and 1 tag [DDDDDDD] digital, associate to the appropriate digital set, where i can see the value, with an exdesc like "IF AAAAAA=255 THAN 1 ELSE 2"


Is possible to center this logic in only 1 tag? When I read the digital tag [DDDDDDD], can I choose to see WHITE/BLACK or the value of AAAAAAA (0/255)?

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