Error in data displayed in Time Series Data window in PI System Explorer and DataLink 2013 with attribute configured using custom Data Reference

Discussion created by plac88 on Mar 31, 2014
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Hi everyone




We are developing a custom Data Reference for AF using the .NET 3.5 AFSDK as our client requires it to work with ProcessBook and DataLink. It works well in PB but in DataLink it keeps returning the message "No more values" after querying multiple values. Querying one value with "Current Value" and "Archive Value" returns the correct value. Debugging Excel while querying multiple values calls the GetValue with the following time context (for start time: *-8h, and end time: *):




The same thing happens on PI System Explorer while debugging it and selecting the option to display the Time Series Data window. The attribute value is displayed correctly. The following figure display the Time Series Data window with the invalid data.




The No Data error is also caused by the invalid time context.




How the Data Reference should handle this?




Thanks for the help