Custom Data Reference Config String Display

Discussion created by schutcw on Apr 4, 2014
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I have been writing a custom data reference and just recently added a custom form so that the user does not have to type directly into the settings field. My configuration string is based off of key-values pairs (ex: A=value1;B=value2;C=value3). After changing an attribute's Data Reference property to the new custom data reference, the settings textbox displays "A=;B=;C=" as I expected. The form seems to work as planned but once I click "OK" the form closes and the new configuration string is not displayed right away (the settings textbox remains as 'A=;B=;C='). If I close the attribute's property window and reopen it, only then do I see the new configuration string with the appropriate values that were entered in the custom form. I guess my question is what I should do to have the new config string display right away. For the OK button onClick method of my custom form, I call AFDataReference's SaveConfigChanges() method. It obviously saves the settings correctly but does not update the configstring in the settings box for the user to see. Any ideas? Thanks for any and all comments.