PIServer.CreatePIPoints fails when regional settings set to Russian

Discussion created by seneschal on Apr 8, 2014
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I am supporting a Russian customer, and it appears that PIServer.CreatePITags method fails when I have my Windows Regional Settings set to Russian. The method succeeds when the regional settings are set to English.


I admit, I have some non-standard characters in the PI tags I am trying to create - I will give an example - but they odd part is that when I am in English settings, those same odd characters work just fine in creating PI Tags.


Here is an example of a Pi Tag name I am trying to create (which is half garbage I know, but I am doing my best working with some Cyrillic input: 

"rus5_comA_01_sta_T9_id_àá 1 Uáàò1_ccbm__phase_N"

 You'll note the non-standard characters in there, these are Unicode characters translated to ASCII. They do not look nice, but this always worked in the past (pre-AF) when using PI-API/PI-SDK. Now, for some reason, this works for me, but not my Russian customer.


It is worthwhile to note that I examined the generated strings (Russian and English) in a hex editor and they are exactly the same. It is also worthwhile to note that I can create the tag using Point Builder in SMT, when I copy this string in there. The problem seems localized to CreatePITags, with Windows set to Russian locale.


I am working on a way to get better tag names out of the Cyrillic characters, but this needs to work in the meantime.