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    PI AF 2014




      PI AF 2014 final version has been released.  It includes

      1. PI Analysis Services 2014
      2. PI Asset Framework (AF) 2014 Database SQL Scirpts
      3. PI Asset Framework (AF) Client 2014
      4. PI Asset Framework (AF) Compatibility Layer 2014
      5. PI Asset Framework (AF) Server 2014
      6. PI AF Developer Tools 2014

      Please go to download center to download them.


      Xi Wang


      vCampus team





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          Rick Davin

          I'm glad to see that the documentation and release notes is available as a separate download, if that's all one wants to review.  But the documentation is also included in the full install kit as well.


          With AF 2.6, there are very few reasons to write a PISDK application anymore.  The OSIsoft.AF.PI namespace has quickly become my best friend.  Goodbye COM-based PISDK.

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            Robert Raesemann

            Is it possible to install the final version over the beta? I know that there was no guarantee of compatibility, and I kept things separate, but I have a test server running the beta that I would like to just upgrade to the final, if that is possible. Otherwise it won't be that big of a deal to export everything and import it into a fresh install.

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                I remember for the 2014 beta that applications had to target .NET 4.5 in order to use the newer AF SDK (e.g. with the RDA features). Is this still the requirement in the final version (e.g. do we need to use VS 2012 to develop against the AF SDK 2.6, or can we still use VS 2010)?

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                    As noted in the release note, you need to recompile with .NET 4.5

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                        As noted in the Beta documentation, we did not promise upgrade-ability to the release version.  Having said that, there is a way, albeit somewhat laborious.  Here are the steps:

                        1. A preview version of the PI Buffer Subsystem 4.3 was installed with the Beta and CTP releases of PI AF 2014 (v2.6) Client, but is not included in the final release.  The PI AF 2014 (v2.6) release kit includes an older 3.4.380 pibufss install kit which will not downgrade the pibufss 4.3 preview.  In addition, PI Analysis Service from the Beta will not upgrade to the release.  Therefore, if you want to upgrade from PI AF 2014 (v2.6) Beta to the PI AF 2014 release, you must do the following:

                                                                                       i.      Uninstall PI Analysis Service (Beta)


                                                                                     ii.      Uninstall pibufss 4.3


                                                                                    iii.      Delete the %programdata%\osisoft\buffering directory


                                                                                   iv.      Remove the PI Buffering Administrators local group from Windows


                                                                                     v.      If you buffered to more than one server, you will need to modify piclient.ini to remove the buffering setting for the extra servers


                                                                                   vi.      If you buffered to more than one server, you may need to remove service dependencies on interfaces to the extra servers


                                                                                  vii.      Install the PI AF 2014 (v2.6) release server


                                                                                viii.      Install the PI AF 2014 (v2.6) release client


                                                                                   ix.      Install the PI Analysis Service release


                        Let me know if you run into any issues.

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                    Is this the version where all COM from PISDK goes away?  If so can I use the PI AF SDK 2014 with a PI AF Server 2012?

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                        Marcos Vainer Loeff

                        Hello Mario,


                        Actually, there are two different products we are talking about. PI SDK is the old PI System Access method to connect to the PI Server using natively COM object.


                        PI AF SDK 2.4 and below was only capable of connecting to PI AF Server. With the release of PI AF SDK 2012 (2.5) with RDA (Rich Data Access), it also allows you to make similar PI SDK calls to your PI Data Archive. The main advantages of this library when compared with PI SDK are:


                        • Reach your data with only one SDK to connect to your PI System objects (PI and AF).


                        • Eliminate Single Threaded Apartment (STA) issues on MTA environment.


                        • Avoid COM interop costs when coding in .NET.


                        The recent release of PI AF SDK 2014 also comes with this technology but also more resources were added to this namespace (OSIsoft.AF.PI).


                        I would recommend you to watch this webinar and also take a look at the Hands On Lab called “Migrating your applications from PI SDK to PI AF SDK” from vCampus Live! 2013, which could be downloaded under Extras category of vCampus Download Center.


                        Finally, yes you can the PI AF SDK 2014 with a PI AF Server 2012.


                        Hope this helps you!