PI AF SDK Online Course Starting May 05, 2014

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We have a new schedule of the PI AF SDK online course starting May 05, 2014. This course is a unique opportunity to learn how the PI AF SDK works on your own schedule, with your own data.


Our course is guided by experienced PI AF SDK Development Instructors. While the lesson plans are defined ahead of the course, your experience is tailored to meet your specific needs.  You will benefit from a hands-on approach, enabling you to learn the material effectively and quickly. Through the specific exercises provided in the course, you will learn to perform all of the functions yourself to maximize your ability to learn everything. Your instructor will be there to guide you all the way to success.


The course lasts 3 weeks and comprises short instructional video lectures; self-serve exercises to reinforce key concepts; discussion forums for you to interact with your peers at other enterprises, post questions, answer questions posted by others, and earn rewards for your participation; and a final project. Once you have completed and passed the final project, you will be awarded a certificate for your participation.


To register for this course, click here.