PIProperty.Add specify propertytype in Module DB

Discussion created by neilg on Apr 13, 2014
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Hello fellow people of the world,


I am attempting to add a PIProperty under a root PIProperty using the .Add method. The parameters for the Add method only allow for the name and value. What I also need is the ability to specify the type.


Does anyone have any quick samples to show how to specify the Data Type for the PIProperty? I have looked on VCampus and techsupport but haven't found anything concrete yet.




Sample code:


Dim rootProperty as PISDK.PIProperty


' Get the root property from the module db - this is a long piece of code and I am excluding it from here


rootProperty.PIProperties.Add(name, value)

By default all adds end up as a String and I need to add properties with the following types as well:




NOTE: I am aware that we should not be using ModuleDB much but this is a special case where the client does not have AF yet.