Priority on PI

Discussion created by marco.zoccoli on Apr 16, 2014
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Hi all,


I have a tag on an interface PI UFL, every 10 minuts with a new value:




UUUU, 7, 05:50:00


UUUU, 7, 06:00:00


UUUU, 4, 06:10:00


UUUU, 4, 06:20:00


UUUU, 4, 06:30:00


UUUU, 4, 06:40:00


UUUU, 4, 06:50:00


UUUU, 4, 07:00:00


UUUU, 9, 07:10:00




another tag, XXX, with a PE, calculates the sum of UUU in the previous hour. The tag XXX run every hour:


XXX, 87, 6:00:00


XXX, 24, 7:00:00


XXX, 56, 8:00:00


i would like to collect, in tag XXX at 7:00:00,  the value of tag UUU starting from 6:10:00 to 7:00:00. If tag UUU and XXX run at the same time (7:00:00), I don't know if the value of UUU at 7:00:00 is considered in the calculation of XXX.


It's possible to define in the PI a priority (for example, first collect all tags from interface, second calculate all tags with PE)? If not possible, how the PI work usually?




Thanks and  regards,