using RegPlugIn.exe to register Visual Studio .Net 4.5 DLL

Discussion created by bslinker on Apr 16, 2014
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We are trying to add a method that will return a value when a given pressure and temperature are provided. The code below works great but now i want to add it as functionality to AF where one of the engineers can access the data references in AF and see the methods that have been created in the DLL. The DLL is just a bunch of methods that call the steam functions in Pi ACE.


We have tried running the RegPlugIn.exe using the following syntax but get errors.


RegPlugIn.exe LibraryName.dll /PISystem:PISystemName /Owner:LibraryName


This gives the error: Owning assembly 'LibraryName' for support assembly 'LibraryName.dll' is not currently registered. May need to specify the 'PISystem' argument or the 'Owner' argument.


has anyone used the RegPlugIn.exe utility before? what could i be missing?


I'm running VS 2012 .Net4.5


Thanks for any help that can be provided




#region StmEng_SPTL


public static double GetStmEng_SPTL(double Pressure, double Temperature)




                     double result = -1;






                           PISTFunctions PiStm = new PISTFunctions();


                           result = PiStm.StmEng_SPTL(Pressure, Temperature);




                     catch (Exception ex)




                           // TODO: Output error message at some point




                     return result;