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    Where Can I View Log Files Generated by the Pi Web API?





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          Windows Event Viewer contains details (e.g. stack trace) for unhandled exceptions in the Web API (these appear as 500 HTTP response codes to clients).


          Browser developer tools let clients view useful information about requests and responses, but won’t reveal much about the internal state or operation of the Web API.


          More verbose trace information is available by either:


          1.  Stopping the service and running the executable (%PIPC%\WebAPI\OSIsoft.REST.Host.exe) interactively


          2.  Attaching a trace listener in OSIsoft.REST.Host.exe.config per these instructions:




          This will provide low-level details about the ASP.NET Web API control flow for each incoming request. We have recently begun adding higher-level tracing, but this doesn't exist in the current beta release.


          My understanding of the AFSDK is that trace logging is disabled by default but can be enabled by editing the configuration at %ProgramData%\OSIsoft\AF\AFTrace4.config. This would likely be useful, because there is a close correspondence between Web API methods and AFSDK methods.