How PI data is retrieved for some PI products

Discussion created by tajuzma on Apr 25, 2014
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I wanted to get some understanding on how some PI products retrieves data for points from the PI Server (e.g: make use of the servername/serverid, tagname/pointid).


The following is the observation made:


ProcessBook:  Retrieves the data information via PI Server name and by default uses point id unless PB2Tagresolution is set to true. Does processbook uses PI API or PI SDK to retrieve information from the server?


Datalink: Retrieves the data via PI Server ID and uses the tagname or pointid specified in the spreadsheet.  Also noticed that since the upgrade of PI SDK 2010 R2, unable to retrieve data from PI Servers with similar server ids and gives an error message 'Confirmed server entry with duplicate Server ID already exists.'  Does Datalink uses PI API or PI SDK to retrieve information from the PI Server?


PI SDK: Retrieves the data using PI Server ID.  Uses the tag name or pointid specified in the search. 


PI AF (PI System Explorer):  A configuration string is specified for each attribute mapped to a pi tag (\\servername?serverid\tagame?pointid).  So far I have noticed since the PI SDK upgrade to 2010 R2 and later, the values are retrived using serverid and pointid.


If anyone knows, please feel free to provide feedback and let me know if the above observation is correct.