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    Get data at top of hour

    Dag Reppen

      I am currently receiving data from a remote unit that looks like this:




      I need to sum these maximum points (which occur at the top of the hour) over a few different time ranges (day, week, month). I am currently using custom data references to perform these calcs, but it takes quite a bit of time. Are there any built-in features than can accomplish this using PI Point Data References or Analytics that may speed up the process?




      Thank you.

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          How many such remote units do you have?  And, what does the sum of max. points at the top of the hour in day or week etc. tell you from a process standpoint?

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              I would use a Totalizer and keep a running total, and then make 2 calls, say, t and y to get it for a day, t and t-7d for the week etc.

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                  Here's one way of doing it.  Create an analysis using AF 2014 that runs periodically on the top of the hour.  The analysis would be a simple TagVal and then you write this value to an output PI tag.  Now you have a new PI tag that's holding only the hourly value, with the corresponding time stamp at the top of the hour.  Since this runs only every hour, it basically puts no load on your system.  Once you have this new PI tag, you can now configure an attribute what is a PI Point Data Reference with Value Retrieval Methods: By Time Range, Relative Time of whatever you need, i.e. daily (*-24h), weekly (*-7d), monthly (*-30d), etc. using PI Time format, Total, Event Weighted.  I believe that does what you need.


                  I'm sure there are better ways of doing this but this should work.