Tricking the Pi random interface to generate simulated data for years back

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Apr 30, 2014
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I was wondering whether is would be possible to trick the random interface in believing that the last shutdown of the pi server is very far in the past..


Reason for this is that I need to generate, say two years of simulated data like the CDT158 signal for a couple tags. 


I have encountered some similar posts on how to approach this, none mentioned the possible mis)use of the /nogap option on the pi random interface.....


Looking at the pi random documentation there is the /nogap option....but that one states 


"When the /nogap flag is present, the interface will, at startup, generate and backfill data for the time since the last shutdown. This is useful for demonstration systems that are stopped and started often (on a laptop, for example)"


starting pi random from the command line with this option is nicely states that the has detected this option and the the total seconds it will look back is XXXXXXXXX number of seconds but in the end no output points are generated..


So question is : 


1) is it possible anyway to use the pi random interface in this way 


2) How to trick pi server that the last shutdown was very far in the past




Aldo Braam