Datalink server error : no dns entries exist for host localhost

Discussion created by fsaab on May 2, 2014
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I am facing an issue which is : getting 'no dns entries exist for host localhost' in the cells of excel reports where i have datalink function.The excel report are being opened in sharepoint 2010 excel web access web part.


This is happening on one of the WFE(web front end) , let us name it WFE2 which is joining WFE1 in a SharePoint farm.On WFE1 the reports are opening and shwing results where there is datalink functions.


doing some google , i got advised to add localhost to the host file.i did this but still the same error.


I think the problem is happening when excel calculation services is calling datalink server.i think the link of datalink server is not reachable(for IIS issues or networkign DNS issues).can i define the link of excel datalink server that is called by excel calculation services using IP.