PI System Explorer\AF SDK tree structure caching

Discussion created by ChewCheeLim on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Roger Palmen
Hi there, I believe that AF service does caching for speedy processing.. However, in our client's dev environment, we are noticing PI System Explorer is 'Very' slow in responding to display changes made to an AF model with new elements added through AF SDK calls. For example, Add element made through AF SDK calls doesn't show up after 5-10 minutes. Then we deleted elements (newly created) through PI System Explorer, this time, AF SDK call still seeing the deleted elements. Through this Post:- Rhys explained "Copied and quoted from Rhys in the post" "...A service (or incorporated functionality of the AFService) that assists in mapping AF structures to identities that connect to an AF database.  If multiple identites have exact same privileges on a database then they share the same cached structure of Elements/Attributes etc.  When something becomes dirty or checked in then if applicable to the identity's cache then the cached structure is updated.  At any moment an administrator can flush the cache, stop caching or alter timeouts.  When a user disconnects or the connection times out from an af database then the cache is synchronised...." How do I make sure the 2 ids I am using in the Client DEV environment has the same privilege? I want to be able to see the AF structure changes right away, only then we can perform proper testing. And also, below post comments on setting cache time = 0 in Code. If this is a preferable way? Default cache or delay if is 120 seconds (2 mins) I am okay. But the DEV environment is really NOT Normal. Should I look at overall server setting ? Could it be something overlooked? Or changes are Queued? Can I look at the queue? Any advice is greatly appreciated!