PI AF SDK Online Course May 2014 - Introduce Yourself

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Hello everyone,


I am Mathieu Hamel from the OSIsoft vCampus team and I am your facilitator for the next 3 weeks for this workshop. I invite you to start your workshop here with the Syllabus page in order to know what you should do each one of the three weeks. I suggest you plan your training carefully to work a bit every day but frequently. You'll maximize your retention.   In case you have any questions regarding lectures, exercises, or anything else, you are welcome to post them in the thread called PI AF SDK Online Course May 2014 - Questions and Answers. (I have created a separate forum for questions)   I would like you to introduce yourself briefly and share with us one goal for you during this workshop. I'll start first...


I am currently a member of the OSIsoft Virtual Campus team. Previously I worked as a Field Service engineer for 5 years at the Montreal office. I am one of the authors of the PI Application Development course workbook and taught this class many times. I graduated from Sherbrooke University in Canada with a Chemical Engineering Degree. My areas of interest artificial intelligence, automation, lean manufacturing, process optimization and simulation, development with .NET, C++ and PowerShell.


My goal for these 3 weeks is to find new ideas about utilizing PI AF/AF SDK to solve customer problems.


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The video lectures and all the information pertaining to the class can be found in the section here.