Determine number of days offset in abacus

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on May 6, 2014
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Hi Gents, 


i am struggling with something so trivial i am ashamed to post it over here, but allas....


I have in an Analysis rule in Abacus where i need to calculate a current rate, given a start date ( stored in an attribute) and the current date i should be able to retrieve the number of days difference (or hours...does not matter)


and write that back into a pi tag...


piece of cake for abacus i would say....


first part goes fine.... rule is something like  '*'-'PotentialTime' ]


i can substract the datetime from the current time,,,,,this give me a time range like '122.08:28:01.6389598' 


After that i kind seem to find a method to extract the time difference in hours or days....


any suggestions how to go about this ?