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Discussion created by marco.zoccoli on May 7, 2014
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Hi all,


I'm tryng to configure a tag on an interface PItoPI, with scanclass 1 (event scanclass), so that when the tag on PI source change her value, at the same time, this value is reported on tag PItoPI; but I see an issue with this behavior. In the archive of the PItoPI tag, I can't find the last current value(snapshot) present on PI Source, but it is always one value back.


For ex, with PI SMT, in archive I can found:


tagPITOPI, x value at 06:05:00


tagPITOPI, y value at 06:07:00


tagPITOPI, z value at 06:09:00




tagPISource, x value at 06:05:00


tagPISource, y value at 06:07:00


tagPISource, z value at 06:09:00


tagPISource, w value at 06:11:00



... the current value for tagPITOPI is z at 06:09:00, for tagPISource is w at 06:11:00


When a new value arrive for tagPISource, on archive of tagPITOPI I can find w value at 06:11:00.



What could be the cause? In the tag's configuration or interface's configuration?


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