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    Interface PItoPI & Location 4


      Hi all,


      I'm tryng to configure a tag on an interface PItoPI, with scanclass 1 (event scanclass), so that when the tag on PI source change her value, at the same time, this value is reported on tag PItoPI; but I see an issue with this behavior. In the archive of the PItoPI tag, I can't find the last current value(snapshot) present on PI Source, but it is always one value back.


      For ex, with PI SMT, in archive I can found:


      tagPITOPI, x value at 06:05:00


      tagPITOPI, y value at 06:07:00


      tagPITOPI, z value at 06:09:00




      tagPISource, x value at 06:05:00


      tagPISource, y value at 06:07:00


      tagPISource, z value at 06:09:00


      tagPISource, w value at 06:11:00



      ... the current value for tagPITOPI is z at 06:09:00, for tagPISource is w at 06:11:00


      When a new value arrive for tagPISource, on archive of tagPITOPI I can find w value at 06:11:00.



      What could be the cause? In the tag's configuration or interface's configuration?


      Best Regards,



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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Marco,


          What is happening to you is not the expected behavior.


          The data flow from the source PI Server to the other PI Server involves a lot of different products/services (i.e Interfaces, Buffer, two PI Snapshot Subsystem and two PI Archive Subsystems, etc..).  To find the issue, we need to follow the dataflow debugging some services.  My guess is that your Pi Point settings are not well configured. I would create new PI Points to test with different scan classes and triggers. Nevertheless, TechSupport is the right channel for you to assist you. I will forward your issue to them.

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              Thanks for your reply Marcos!

              The behavior is very particular... In a moment the current value is aligned, after few second it isn't. PItoPI interface menage around 2000 tags; 50% of tag on PISource receive an update every 5 seconds; all PItoPI tags are configurated with scan class 1 (event). Is possible that disalignment of current value depends to a performance issue?

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                  Hello Marco,


                  Yes, the issue you are experiencing with PI to PI Interface can be because of performance issues. Within the interface instance's performance summary it should be visible if the interface is able to cope with the load or falling behind.


                  As indicated by Marcos, working with OSIsoft Technical Support on identifying the root cause and looking for a possible solution is our recommendation. The colleagues know how to deal with the logs and may also want to review interface and tag configuration with you.


                  Because of a new procedure affective this Monday there was some friction. Now the Technical Support team has opened case # 556918 for your issue and you'll should be contacted by an engineer soon if this hasn't happened yet.