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    Posting Data to WebAPI


      From what I can tell from the available documentation, the only option to post timeseries data to the Pi Server is via: 


         POST streams/{webId}/value


      ...with the data payload consisting of the following json format:


         { "Timestamp": "2014-03-19T15:16:41.9985701-04:00", "Value": 25.0, "UnitsAbbreviation": "m", "Good": true, "Questionable": true, "Substituted": false }


      So a few questions:

      1. Is there a way to post more than one data point (same stream) at varying timestamps in a single Post?
      2. Is there a way to post more than one data point across multiple streams (for same device) in a single Post?
      3. Is the above timestamp format the only that the api will accept?  I would like to post an epoch timestamp so I don't have to worry about timezones.
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          As to #1 and #2, not at present, though it's definitely in the plans for a future release.  For now, it's multiple POSTs to record multiple values.


          As to #3, the time syntax can be anything that is parsable by new AFTime(string time).  I recommend using an ISO 8601 time:




          All output from the Web API is in Zulu time, in the form 2014-03-19T15:16:41.9985701Z.