Attempting to remove PI events using AFUpdateOption.Remove  for PIPoint.UpdateValues

Discussion created by bdeslatte on May 15, 2014
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I am using AFSDK 4.0 ( in VB .Net 2012.  Attempting to delete values from PI using the  AFUpdateOption.Remove  for PIPoint.UpdateValues.  I am retrieving values, adding them to a listview, and then creating value objects by iterating through the list and attempting the deletion.  The events do not get deleted and the return status is nothing, implying no errors.  I have found a very similar call


Case # 552245


Their solution was to delete using the orginal value objects.  They had been reading from a vb control, then building value objects\value list.  This is also what I am doing. However, I do not want to use the original list as I am letting users select the values they want to delete through the listview.  Note, from the original AFValues I am storing UTCseconds and using to create the dates for the AFValues passed to be deleted. I was not doing that originally but thought the problem was a date precision one.