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      I want to use PIDataPipe.GetObserverEvents of PIAFSDK in my current project, but i dont find any document or example of this.


      can anyone please help me. 


      Thank you,



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          Rhys Kirk

          The PIDataPipe doesn't implement true IObserver pattern (I found this out from conversations with Ling). So when you use PIDataPipe.Subscribe it will register your observer, but your application still needs to trigger the pushing of events to the observers of the PIDataPipe by calling PIDataPipe.GetObserverEvents. Typically the IObservable object would push the events but the PIDataPipe waits for a signal to push out the events in the pipe.


          If your application is only really processing the events from a PIDataPipe once then you could just make use of PIDataPipe.GetUpdateEvents.