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    PI ActiveView Hiding Controls in PDI

      I have a PDI with some values and textboxes.  I need to hide some of the textboxes because it currently isn't applicable to this display.  These textboxes will be utilized later on so I don't want to delete them I simply want to hide them.  This is successful in PI ProcessBook.  When I upload to SharePoint and view in an ActiveView webpart the textboxes are not hidden. Background information: To add the control to the display I went to Add > Control > Microsoft Forms 2.0 TextBox To hide the control I set the visible Property to False.  I also tried hiding it using VBA to see if that would help and it didn't.  (ThisDisplay.TextBox1.Visible = False) I also tried the same thing with a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Label with the same result. I tried the same thing again with a Value which was successful.  Which leads me to believe that the issue is with the Controls. Versions: PI ProcessBook Version PI ActiveView Version PI WebParts Version 2010 R2 SharePoint 2010 References added to VBAProject: VisualBasic for Applications PI-ProcessBook Type Library OLE Automation Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library PISDK 1.3 Type Library Is this a known issue with Microsoft Forms controls?  Am I simply wanting it to do something that it wasn't designed to do?
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          Hello Sara,


          I was able reproducing your issue, did some research within the Technical Support database and found some indication that PI ActiveView needs to be installed on clients supposed to display the PI ActiveView Web Part. After installing PI ActiveView 2012 SP2, I was able to change visibility of a Microsoft Forms 2.0 TextBox from True to False and vice versa.


          Please note that an instance of PI ActiveView is launched in the background on the client when the user browses a web site containing the PI ActiveView Web Part. This PI ActiveView instance establishes a direct connection to the PI Data Archive (PI Server).