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    Event Frames Installation




      on our dev environment PI AF Server Event Frame is within installed program (see figure 1 in attach ), but we don't find the following functionalities:

      1. Event Frame: the TAB "Event Frame Searches" is not present (see figure 2 in attach )
      2. Library: the TAB "Event Frame Template" is not present (see figure 3 in attach )



      Have you got any suggestion?







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          Roger Palmen

          I believe Event Frames are not enabled by default in this version of AF. Use AFDiag.exe /EnableEventFrames to enable.


          Unsure about versions... Not documented in all versions of the AF User Guide, but only some...

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              Marcos Vainer Loeff

              Hello Marco,


              Here are my suggestions for you in case running  AFDiag.exe /EnableEventFrames won't work:


              - Upgrade your PI AF Client to 2014 (if you can't, upgrade it to at least version 2012 SP2).


              - Upgrade your PI AF Server to 2014.


              - If you can't upgrade the PI AF Server, uninstall and reinstall the PI AF Event Frames Enabler.


              Let us know if this problem is fixed!

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                  This is probably something you should contact tech support to resolve.  I see in your attachment that you have all the necessary components and proper versions to enable event frames, yet you don't see it in PI System Explorer.  So something is not right - tech support should be able to help you.


                  Meanwhile please note if you upgrade to AF 2014, you will not see "PI AF Event Frames Enabler" at all in Add/Remove because in AF 2014, event frames became a standard feature and therefore there's no need for the "PI AF Event Frames Enabler".