Populate a table using PI TAGs

Discussion created by benjamin.truquet on May 21, 2014
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I'm using the latest version of AF (2014, ABACUS) in order to calculate on different elements a certain volume. What I would like now is to be able, from a parent element, to aggregate those volumes by attributes. For exemple I would like to calculate the sum of "volumes" where the element's attribute "Zone" is equal to North.


What I would like to do is to store all of my volumes, along with their element's attributes in a table. Then from the parent element create a Table lookup allowing me to use SQL commands to calculate aggregated volumes.


But the big question is, can we populate a Table from within the PI System ? I would like to write my Tag and attribute values into a table. Of course I would like it to refresh every time the tag value changes.


Is this possible !?  If yes how !? I tried to find the answer in the AF users guide, but .. nada ...


Thanks in advance for your help  !!