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    Sum attribute values over a range of time


      Hello Guys,


      I am new at PI AF, so I would appreciate any help.


      I have an attribute that can have two values: 1, if the value of another attribute is bigger than a threshold, or 0 otherwise. Now, I need to calculate the sum of this attribute over a range of time. Is it possible to do in PI AF or in PI Processbook?


      (I saw on another thread of this forum that it is possible to calculate the sum of a tag using "TagTot" on PI Calculation, but in my case I have an attribute, not a tag...)




      Thanks in advance

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          Mike Zboray



          What is the data reference for your attribute? You can use the PI Analysis features in AF 2014 to do that for the OSIsoft provided data references (PI Point, Formula, Table). You would have a create another attribute, presumably a PI Point, that would store the output of the calculation. Then you could use that attribute in Processbook or Coresight.


          The expression type analyses use a PE syntax which supports TagTot, TagAvg, TagMean, etc. for attributes.



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              Mike is correct in that with AF 2014, we added significant analytics capabilities.  In essence, you can create and schedule calculation using Performance Equation syntax acting on AF attributes.  In your case, the "TagTot" function can be used on AF attributes.  (Note: we retained the name for historical reasons, but really it does work on AF attributes in AF 2014 :-)).  In addition we support time based and event based sum over a range of time.  You can download and install AF 2014 from the vCampus download center.