Multiple values in the eventpipe for the same PI point

Discussion created by Leonardo78 on Jun 6, 2014
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Dear all,


I noticed my EventPipe reporting, after a TakeAll() call, two different values for the same PI point.


See below:




CDT158  |  good  |  06/06/2014 15:20:00  |  141,5145


CDT158  |  good  |  06/06/2014 15:21:00  |  140,8598




Instead of this, I want for my real time application to report every change occurred for that specific PI point.


Which means I shouldn't have two different values or two different timestamps for the same PI point in the pipe.




I think I'm missing a configuration parameter either in the eventpipe or in the server itself (or maybe in the interface writing the point?).


Current EventPipe configuration properties are set to standard values (PollInterval = 5000, MaxNotifyFrequency = 1000, NotifyThreshold = 1, MaxCount = 10000).