Custom Analysis Data Reference and Processbook

Discussion created by wpurrer on Jun 11, 2014
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I have two issues:


1. I developed a custom data reference that reads results from an AFAnalysis. The data reference works fine in PSE, even the Trend View works as intended. But when I try to display the data in PI Processbook using AF2 or Element Relative, I get no data and the following Error: "'GetConfiguration' requires an analysis rule with supported behaviors that include state passing".




As already mentioned, in PSE the data reference works fine. I compiled it using .NET 3.5 and registered it with the regplugin. The latest AF version 2.6 is installed. Compiling with a newer .NET version only leads to processbook not recognizing the plugin.


Does anybody know what this means or how to fix the problem? What is state passing?




2. Does AF Analysis support Attributes with a custom data reference in the expression field? for example:




Here i do always get the error: The current configuration of attribute: DataReference is not supported. What method do i have to implement in order to get this to work? Adding Summaries/Recorded Values to the supported methods did not solve the problem.


Edit: I found out that i need to implement the summaries function for my DataReference in order to get this to work. Unfortunately the "PIBaseDR.cs" crashes when trying to evaluate the Analysis. I get a StackOverflowException at the AFAnalysisRuleState.SetExecutionTimeAndPopulateInputs(time) from "OSIsoft.PI.Net.dll".