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    Security for Writing Data to PI Tags


      I have a PI display where I write to a Tag periodically using this line:


      pt.Data.UpdateValue "1", "*", dmInsertDuplicates


      I've found that it works fine when I'm testing, logged in under my own account (I'm an Admin in the PI system), but it doesn't work under a regular User account.


      Can someone point me in the right direction as to what permissions a user needs in order to only write data to PI tags, without having full Admin access to the PI system?









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          Hi Ryan,




          That regular User account should be mapped to the PI Identity (or PI User/PI Group) which should be specified in the Data Security of the tag.


          First, go to the PI System Management Tools (PI SMT)->Security->Mappings and Trusts. Find the problem User account in the list of PI Mappings and note the corresponding PI Identity.


          Then go to Points->Point Builder -> Security tab and make sure that PI Identity has write permissions in the Data Security list. For editing tags in bulk you can use PI Tag Configurator plugin for Excel.


          If you still doesn't work, you might want to take a look at PI SMT->Operation->Network Manager Statistics. Find your application in the list and then check to see if the application connects with the proper mapping and uses the proper PI Identity.




          Please, see also Security Configuration here or the manual in .PDF here.




          Kind regards,