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    Editing multiple Pi archive values

      I am looking for an easy way for non-administrator Pi people to edit multiple archive values every hour if needed. This would be a feature if the Pi connection to the devices failed and I need correct data to pass on to other databases. I have found two different solutions so far, one is using the Pi SMT Archive editor, unfortunately, I would have to give the user admin rights which includes tag creation/deletion (not acceptable) also the person would only be able to edit 1 point at a time, I need them to possibly edit 50 values an hour in worst case. I also found a white paper on using Microsoft InfoPath. Is there an easier method with something like excel that can be pulled in, checked for accuracy and then write back to the archive without full admin rights? Thanks all! Michael
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          Yes... it can be done; the question is: now much work and with what tools?


          There is the OSISoft Manual input application (cannot remember the name), or you can roll your own. We use three different methods to achieve these resuts, all of which use the SDK.


          a web based application with a database back end and integrated security; users can only enter data for 'routes' assigned to them


          spreadsheet based appolications that provides a controlled data entry environment with integrated security (SDK and VBA)


          a generic spreadsheet that allows users to enter any tag they have write access to, the time and value; again, SDK and VBA

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