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    sharepoint webpart 2013 RTBaseline does not exist and "you dont have sufficent permissions " in the administration website




      Kindly i need your urgent help.


      I am working with pi webpart 2013 in sharepoint 2013


      when i open the administration website and i choose table for example, i got the below message in red:


      warning: at this time you do not have sufficient permissions to access the configuration database.........


      my user is mapped to piadmins.


      in smt--> security-->database security-->pimodules :   piadmins has  read/write access.


      in smt--> operation--> module database-->%osi:   piadmins has  read/write access.


      in smt--> operation--> module database-->%osi--> clientapps--> rtwebparts:   piadmins has  read/write access.


      I cannot find RTBaseline module.where i can find this?how to bring it back?