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    Writing to server message log (Collective, buffering)

      Hello, I am trying to write a log message from a remote machine to a collective (server). I would like to see that message in the server log on the primary and secondary machines. Is there any way to write a log message to a server, from a remote machine, so that the log message shows both on the primary and the secondary servers? My current approach is to loop through the members of a collective (.net object PISDK.CollectiveList) and write the message to each. The issue with this is the client doesn't want me to write to both the primary and secondary servers. The want us to use the buffering system. The buffering system doesn't appear to support message log. I would appreciate it if you could confirm the existence or non-existence of this functionality. Kind Regards
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          Hello Keerthi,


          This might be just a personal preference of mine but to my understanding logs should remain locally. There's the ability to read logs remotely. Writing to the local logs and collecting them on a central node might be an option you may want to consider.


          To answer your question, neither PI Buffer Subsystem nor PI Buffer Server can be used to fan messages to members of a PI Server Collective. Both are designed to buffer PI Point Data Updates - time series data what makes me think of another alternative. You may want to create one or more PI Points of type string for the information that you want to store centrally.