Processbook trends in webparts - any limitations?

Discussion created by knightk Champion on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by asorokina

Hi, I am running into some problems trying to move some Processbook displays to web parts. We have a requirement to display multiple trends in a list on one page, which the users can then double click into for a better view, but the requirement is that all data can be seen easily at a glance.


In Processbook these trends look fine (height is around PB:130) but when these go to web parts, it never seems to display the first trace (although we can see its markers), it also is trying to draw a big border around the trend which makes it smaller than it appears in Processbook. I am wondering if this is a known limitation of displaying trends in web parts, or if it can be tweaked? I have tried editing multiple parameters in the SVG file but none seem to make much difference. A problem we keep running into also is that the scales will be shown (which we don't want) and the first trace will have scale values of "NaN"


Please see image of an example, the trend on the far left is ideally what we want to see and its fine in Processbook, as it increases in size we can see the first trace, but the top and bottom borders and still making the trend too small, by the time it gets large, we have the scale values, which ideally we dont want to see as looking to keep these trends clean. Does anyone have any ideas/experience with similar? many thanks.