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    How to link an orphaned PIFD database back to an AF server?

    Roger Palmen

      You probably know the day that you were asked: "do you know which application is using database XXXX?"


      So my simple question, from table AFSystemID, it appears to have a list of AFservers that use(d) this database. What is exactly the meaning of a record in this table? When is it added / updated / removed?

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          Hello Roger,


          With all my installations, there's a single record only. I am hesitant trying to reference the same PIFD database by another AF Server.


          AFSystemID is a GUID identifying the AF Server. The column "name" shows the AF Servers name and column "version" the installed AF Server version. I expect the scripts that run during AF Server installation creating the initial record which becomes updated (version) in case you update the AF Server.


          To answer the question you raised in the subject, you should be able to configure an AF Server to connect against this database by modifying AFService.exe.config but please don't use a production AF Server but e.g. the one belonging to your personal development PI System included with vCampus. Please also backup the configuration before modifying it. Please look for key="connectString" within the <appSettings> section.