Configuring AF / PSE for use with Network Load Balancer

Discussion created by vwitzel on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by Roger Palmen

Hi all,


We have two AF servers (PITSTAF001 and PITSTAF002) that are part of a Network Load Balancing cluster (PITSTAF) and connect to a SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group. Any changes made on one of the AF servers are automatically carried over to the other AF server, so we know the SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group is working. When either of the AF servers is added in PI System Explorer (PSE), PSE automatically detects the Network Load Balancing cluster name, as shown in the below screenshot. 




In the AF server list, the added AF server will appear as shown in the screenshot below.






Inside that server’s properties, only one host appears (see first screenshot below). As a result, with this configuration, when PITSTAF001 is taken offline, AF becomes inaccessible (see second screenshot below), unless I explicitly instruct PSE to connect to PITSTAF002. I tried adding PITSTAF002 as a second AF server to the server list, but PSE recognizes it under the same name as the existing server (namely, as PITSTAF) and just updates the configuration of the existing server to reflect the “new” hostname (see third screenshot below).


Appreciate any insights people could share on how to make this work!