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VBA: Setting ScaleFormat for trend traces?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Jun 30, 2014
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In a project we have a specified that all values should have one decimal, including the trends.


Some trends I reset programatically, before I add the traces using the correct new context. Regardless of the configuration of the trends, it seems the ScaleFormat is removed when I remove all the traces.


In the trend configuration dialog I can set the format for each of the traces, but according to the documentation for ProcessBook VBA it seems the ScaleFormat can only be set for the entire trend - not each trace individually. I'm assuming (based on the documentation) that ScaleFormat is the corresponding VBA setting for what I want to accomplish.




Can anyone tell me how I set the number format so that it applies to all traces in the trend? I need "0,0" - as in one decimal.