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    PI Web Services and WebParts


      I am trying to play around a little with Web Services (installed) and adding them to WebParts.  I have added the .wsdl file URL in the Web Service Data Sources in WebParts Admin, and that shows me PITimeSeriesService and numerous methods.  When I go to Web Service Datasets- I get errors each time I try to select a service method.  For example, when i try to select GetPIArchiveData I get the following error:




      Unsupported parameter type 'PIArcDataRequest[]' (parameter'requests').




      So my question is, what did I miss?  Shouldn't this work if all the methods are found in the previous section?

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hi Scott,


          I am just curious about why are you trying to use PI Web Services with PI Web Parts. PI Web Parts access PI System data through PI AF SDK and PI SDK. This same happens for PI Web Services.  Using PI Web Services in PI Web Parts only adds another layer of technology which would decrease the performance. Besides, I don’t see any relevant benefit. Could you explain to us why did you select this choice?


          Have you tested PI Web Services with WCFStorm or any other client to make sure PI Web Services is well configured and it is running properly?