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Play "Name OSIsoft Community" Today

Discussion created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Jul 10, 2014
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We’re working to introduce you to a new, all-inclusive environment that encompasses all PI System professionals. This new and improved online community will welcome existing OSIsoft vCampus and Users Community members and will feature several major improvements for Partners and Learning. By integrating existing and new communities, our goal is to further your business success with OSIsoft and the PI System. It will be the one place for all PI System professionals to come together!

Today, we’re challenging you to participate in the “OSIsoft Community Naming Contest!” If we select your entry, we’ll reward you with an Amazon gift card. It’s that simple. Do you think you’ve thought of the most creative name? Submit your entry today!

Who: You!
What: Name That OSIsoft Community
When: Now until July 25, 2014
Contest Reward: $200 Amazon gift card
Name Announcement: On or after August 8, 2014

We look forward to reviewing your creative and original submissions!