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    Developing Custom Delivery Channel in PI-Notifications


      Hello everyone,


      This is my first post! I´m reading a laboratory document called "Develop a Custom Delivery Channel for PI Notifications Service" where a VB.NET solution file "C:\LabsvCampus\Notifications\Build a Custom Delivery Channel\Template\NewDeliveryChannel.sln" is mentioned. Can anyone provide me it or indicate where I could download it?





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          Hello Servando,


          Welcome to the community of PI Geeks!


          The video you are referring to originates from vCampus Training Center. To immediately allow doing the exercises, we have included access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Access to the VLE is as well possible through the Training Center. Please read instructions carefully.


          Each time you are launching the VLE, a copy of a virtual machine (Skytap) template is taken. Please note that changes you apply to the VLE do not persist among sessions. The VLE has access to the Internet, so you can upload files to an ftp server or send it to yourself using an internet email account. These days, you can also upload files to the "cloud". There are free cloud drives offered by different providers.


          The file you are looking for can be found within the VLE and should be stored at the path mentioned in the video.


          Happy coding!