Information about the quality of acquired data

Discussion created by v.alves Champion on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by erakovska

Hello! I am interested in some information about the data series of single points.


For example, I want to know if the data acquisition seems to be frozen or saturated, if the values are out of range, missing or are of bad quality. The data acquisition is made via OPC, so I am sure that at least the information regarding quality is available.


My questions are:

  • Are there bult-in functions that calculate these status (frozen, saturared, out of range, missing, bad)?
    • Do these functions uses just time-series data or are supported by some kind of intelligence on the instrument side? 
  • How can I retrieve these information from PI using SDK (preferably AF) functions or even PE syntax? For the bad value I know there is the 'badval' function, but this really is the OPC status "Bad"?
  • Is there anything built-in in any of PI products that assists in the detection of outlier values?

I appreciate any help! Thanks!