Tony Fenn

Asset Based Analytics - How to build a counter ?

Discussion created by Tony Fenn on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Boost01
I need to build some attribute based counters for fault codes contained in a PI tag. Do anyone have an example of an incrementing counter in Asset Based Analytics ? For example, as a test, if I wanted to increment a counter (in an attribute, not a tag) every time sinusoid goes above 90, how would I do that? I have tried the obvious PE expression but I do not seem to be able to increment my attribute or have any effect on it other than evaluating to a 1 or 0 : if (‘sinusoid’ > 90) then ‘mycounterattr’ + 1 else NoOutput() I also cant make my analysis expression output increment as in: if (‘sinusoid’ > 90) then ‘myoutputattr’ + 1 else NoOutput() Thanks in advance - Tony sorry for the tight text - I couldn't get the post to add CRs ?