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    PI Server 2012 without AF/SQL


      Hi everybody,


      We have a requirement to install latest PI Server 2012 but it would be just a data storage hence can we install it without the AF/SQL? One method is use a separate AF/SQL Server temporarily while installing and later on remove the AF/SQL server and re-start the PI Server. But down the time if we require to upgrade the PI Server to later versions or apply some patches do we require the installed AF/SQL back? How to handle it. Second method what if we install AF/SQL on the PI Server itself, wouldn't it overload the PI Server especially since SQL Server takes lot of memory? is there any work around for it?


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          Roger Palmen

          I'll leave the question on if it's possible to install / run / maintain the PI Data Archive without AF and SQL to others to answer. It might be technically possible, but considering the effort potentially required to keep this unsupported configuration running fine over the next years i'd advise against it. Even for cost reasons.


          If you're really pressed, you can safely install PI, AF and SQL on one host. Still not recommended, but in my opinion a better approach than not using AF at all.


          SQLserver does not need to take a lot of memory. If you don't effectively use SQLserver, you can tune down the memory consumed considerably (e.g. using the "max server memory" setting). Google will be able to provide you with a plethora of answers to that question.


          Hope this helps!

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              Hello Prabhakar,


              PI Server version 2010 (3.4.385.59) introduces PI Asset Framework (PI AF) as integrated part of the PI System. The latest release that does not require PI AF is 3.4.380.70 from July 2011.


              PI Server 2012 requires a PI AF Server installation as prerequisite. Running PI Server (PI Data Archive) later than 3.4.380.70 without PI AF is not supported.


              Please also keep in mind that even you do not use PI Asset Framework, there might be components requiring PI AF to store their configuration but I do not expect heavy resource usage because of this. As mentioned by Roger, without using PI AF you shouldn't expect heavy resource usage by it respectively by SQL Server.