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    PI server hour


      Hello all,




      I have a problem with the PI server hour.


      For example,


      I'm in France. The hour of the windows system (on which runs the PI server) is China hour (UTC+8).


      When I create a new tag using my own interface (developped from PI-SDK), the hour of creation is french hour, not windows hour.


      How can I configure the PI server hour ?




      Thank you for your help





        • Re: PI server hour
          Roger Palmen

          All dates in PI are stored in UTC, and the timezone differences between your PC and the PI server host timezone are accounted for when writing data to PI. Reversing this, reading dates from PI these are always shown in your local timezone. Unless you explicitly ask for UTC.


          So the creation time of the PI point to me is as expected. If i create a pi point NOW, then regardless of the timezone of the PI server i'm using, the point creation time is shown in the timezone of my local machine (Paris timezone at the moment).


          To be certain, could you post the relevant parts of your sourcecode where you create the PI Point and read the PI Point creation date?