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    Problems with UFL Interface

      Hi! We have a problem with an UFL Interface, that copies data from a .csv file to a PI Server. The issue is that UFL interface doesn't copy all file data on PI, so on PI several couples of value/timestamp are missed. We tried to run an other time the same .csv file with the UFL Interface and some gaps was filled. Trying to run other times the .csv file the left gaps of data have never been filled. This is the log of the interface. Thank you, Marco
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          Hi Marco,


          This is the PI Interface question.  It will be dealt with by OSIsoft Techsupport team.  Your issue has been transferred, and they will contact you about this.  However, could you please check you tag setting on exception and compression?  The missing data might be filtered by these 2 calculation.


          Xi Wang


          vCampus team